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Category: Chiropractic

Reasons to See a Chiropractor After an Auto Accident

Written By Breen Chiropractic Clinic, PC on September 30, 2021

Experiencing a car accident can be a physically and emotionally taxing experience. Not only does it leave you with rattled nerves, it can also leave your joints and spine shaken up.  Most car accidents occur with some force, whether from the... Read More

Chiropractic for Sports Injuries and Athletes

Written By Breen Chiropractic Clinic, PC on August 30, 2021

No matter what sport you play, injuries are unfortunately often a part of the game. In fact, across the US, about 8.6 million sports and recreation-related injuries occur each year. These can include acute injuries from things like falls as... Read More

Acupuncture: What are the Benefits?

Written By Breen Chiropractic Clinic, PC on July 28, 2021

For most of us, the word “acupuncture” conjures up images of needles sticking out of the body everywhere. Sounds painful, right? The truth is, acupuncture is a natural technique that can actually be quite relaxing and offers many health benefits. Whether... Read More

How to Truly Treat Sciatica for Good

Written By Breen Chiropractic Clinic, PC on June 24, 2021

Finding true relief for sciatica hinges on understanding what’s triggering sciatic pain. Sciatica isn’t a condition. It’s actually a collection of symptoms stemming from compressing or irritating the sciatic nerve.  At Breen Chiropractic, we work to find the cause, not just... Read More

Working from Home Might Be Giving You Headaches

Written By Breen Chiropractic Clinic, PC on May 24, 2021

As of January 2021, approximately 40% of the American workforce was still working from home. Now there’s talk of letting a sizeable chunk remain that way. The problem is we’re seeing a surge in headache patients at Breen Chiropractic that’s... Read More

How to Protect Yourself from Yard Work Injuries

Written By Breen Chiropractic Clinic, PC on April 22, 2021

Maintaining a beautiful yard is gratifying hard labor. The results are the reward. At the same time the hard work can be painful. In the beautiful state of Virginia, Breen Chiropractic Clinic wants to help keep you going on your... Read More

3 Signs You Have a Bulging Disc

Written By Breen Chiropractic Clinic, PC on March 22, 2021

Your spine is made up of a series of bones stacked on top of each other, and these bones are cushioned by discs. The main purpose of these discs is to protect you by absorbing any shocks you may receive... Read More

How to Improve Workplace Ergonomics to Maintain Optimal Health and Energy

Written By Breen Chiropractic Clinic, PC on February 22, 2021

Do you want to work more efficiently while prioritizing your health at the same time? If so, understanding workplace ergonomics can help you maintain this goal.  Whether you’re working at an office or home, you can obtain optimal health and energy... Read More

How Chiropractic Can Be an Effective Headache Treatment

Written By Breen Chiropractic Clinic, PC on January 22, 2021

If you suffer from severe headaches, you’re not alone. In fact, 1 in 7 Americans suffers from annual migraines.  Headaches can range from mild to severely painful. If you experience this throbbing discomfort in your skull frequently, you’ll be happy to... Read More

4 Ways Chiropractic Care Promotes Overall Wellbeing

Written By Breen Chiropractic Clinic, PC on November 16, 2020

Many people assume that they only need to see a chiropractor for back pain. Chiropractic medicine takes a holistic approach to wellbeing and can improve your health in many ways, however. The spine is the hub of the musculoskeletal system. It’s... Read More

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