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5 Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Written By Breen Chiropractic Clinic, PC on April 15, 2019

Most people love a good massage, and many are aware of the benefits and value of high-quality massage therapy. That said, there are a handful of health benefits to massage therapy that a lot of people may not have considered previously.

This post will briefly discuss five benefits of massage therapy that you might not know about. Read on to learn more.

5 Great Benefits of Working with a Professional Massage Therapist

1. Better Immune System

A lot of people might not think of massage therapy as a solution to common illnesses, but the research data supports the idea that professional massage can greatly improve immune function

2. Improved Circulation

Keeping blood moving, particularly through congested areas or stiff or tight muscles, promotes healing in several different ways.

The new blood moving into previously closed-off muscle tissue helps in the removal of lactic acid, while also improving the circulation of lymph fluid. This movement pulls metabolic waste byproducts away from muscles and organs, which can improve digestion, among other benefits.

3. Lower Blood Pressure

Most people know that massage therapy is highly relaxing, but many may not know that it can decrease blood pressure.

Reduced blood pressure, in turn, has its own array of benefits, including lower levels of anxiety, cortisol, and depression.

4. Reduced Headaches and Neck Pain

Massage therapy promotes better posture, which can alleviate pressure on cervical spine disks. Aside from reducing tight trigger points in the upper back and beck, a qualified massage therapist can also reduce or eliminate more serious symptoms such as migraines.

5. Reduced Stress

Most people go to a professional massage therapist to reduce stress. But what people might not fully understand is the full list of consequences that come with chronically elevated cortisol levels.

Crippling anxiety, poor digestion, and significant weight gain are just a few of the cortisol-induced problems that massage can help prevent or reduce.

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