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5 Signs You Have a Bulging Disc and Need Bulging Disc Treatment ASAP

Written By Breen Chiropractic Clinic, PC on October 25, 2019

Man with disc painJust hearing the term “bulging disc” can send chills down your spine. 

To be sure, this condition leaves its victims in a lot of pain. At times, the pain can be completely debilitating. 

Thankfully, your Manassas chiropractor can provide you with a safe, effective bulging disc treatment. First, though, you need to know whether you really have this condition. 

5 Signs You Might Need Bulging Disc Treatment from Your Chiropractor 

A disc is a cushion in between the vertebrae of your spine. Over time, the outer layer of the disc can start to bulge, either due to natural wear and tear or trauma. The disc ends up looking, according to the Mayo Clinic, like a hamburger that has become too big for its bun. 

If the disc protrudes out far enough, it can irritate the nerves of the spine.

A bulging disc usually causes less pain than a herniated disc. However, if you experience pain, you need to talk to your Manassas chiropractor right away. Your bulging disc could, in time, degenerate into a herniated disc. 

If you have any of these signs, talk to your chiropractor about whether a bulging disc treatment like spinal decompression is right for you. 

  1. The painful symptoms come on gradually.
  2. You have pain in your back, legs, and buttocks. 
  3. You have difficulty walking.
  4. You notice pain in other areas of your back.
  5. You’ve been diagnosed with lumbar stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal).  

Stop Living in Pain – Talk to Your Manassas Chiropractor Right Away

Dr. Breen has the equipment and know-how to definitively diagnose a bulging disc. Once you receive your diagnosis, your bulging disc treatment plan will consist of various forms of treatment, including spinal decompression.

Don’t suffer in pain! Invest in chiropractic care that will finally give you some relief from your pain. 

Do you think you have a bulging disc? Don’t hesitate! Contact us at 703-368-4040 to schedule an appointment for a comprehensive evaluation. 

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