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How to Truly Treat Sciatica for Good

Written By Breen Chiropractic Clinic, PC on June 24, 2021

Sciatica Treatment

Finding true relief for sciatica hinges on understanding what’s triggering sciatic pain. Sciatica isn’t a condition. It’s actually a collection of symptoms stemming from compressing or irritating the sciatic nerve. 

At Breen Chiropractic, we work to find the cause, not just treating symptoms with prescription drugs. We work to uncover what’s causing the compression or irritation so your body can heal and stop being in pain.

6 Most Common Cause of Sciatica

Injury - Your spine can take a modest beating before it gets injured. Falls, high impact sports and car accidents, however, aren’t your spine’s best friend. Our doctors take broken bones around the spine into consideration when you’re injured since a shard can compress nerves.

Spinal Stenosis - This condition is marked by a narrowed spinal canal encasing your spinal cord due to either injury, bone spurs, spinal ligaments thickening, or other reasons we’ll evaluate you to rule out.

Bulging/Herniated Disc - A bulging disc is one that’s sticking out. A herniated disc is when the soft center has broken through the disc’s outer ring. This condition is responsible for up to 90% of sciatica cases. It can press on the sciatic nerve and/or leak hyaluronic acid, which stings and irritates nerves.

Spondylolisthesis - This is a disorder marked by a slipped vertebra. You can be born with it or develop spondylolisthesis due to degeneration, physical strain, or injury.

Piriformis syndrome - The piriformis muscle in your hip can spasm in a way that painfully squeezes your sciatic nerve. 

Spinal Tumor - The rare spinal tumor, whether or not it’s cancerous, can compress nerves.

Expert Chiropractic Care for Sciatica

Dr. Breen has over 30 years of experience and various pain-relieving methods available. His wealth of chiropractic experience makes him the ideal choice for chiropractic care. He understands that complicated chiropractic conditions often necessitate a team approach. In this way, you always know that you will have the full benefit of the entire Breen Chiropractic Clinic staff at every appointment.

Have questions or wish to schedule an appointment? Give our Warrenton location a call at (540) 349-7744, our Manassas location at (703) 368-4040, or go online and fill out our contact form. We look forward to helping you.

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