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What Is the Diversified Technique for Low Back Pain?

Written By Breen Chiropractic Clinic, PC on January 6, 2020

Diversified Technique for Low Back Pain in Manassas VirginiaHave you ever wondered what type of technique Dr. Breen uses to treat his patients?

Dr. Breen uses a technique called the Diversified technique that has been around for decades. Why is this his treatment of choice for low back pain in Manassas?

How the Diversified Technique Is Used to Treat Low Back Pain

The Diversified technique is the most common technique used by chiropractors – it is also one of the oldest. 

The technique is considered a high-velocity, low-amplitude technique. The gentle thrust is short (low amplitude). It is also very quick (high velocity). 

The chiropractor feels where the restricted joints are in the patient’s back and arranges their body strategically so that he can provide a short, quick thrust. The thrust releases the restriction and helps to realign the spine. The result is almost immediate relief from low back pain

Are Adjustments the Best Form of Treatment for Your Needs?

At Breen Chiropractic Clinic, PC, Dr. Robert Breen utilizes the Diversified technique when people come to him for spinal realignment appointments. 

Dr. Breen also offers acupuncture therapy. Acupuncture can reduce any areas of stagnation in your body, and that can keep energy, nutrients, and blood flowing without hindrance. 

Dr. Breen also encourages his patients to do what they can at home. He recommends various exercises and stretches that can improve range of motion, reduce pain, and keep you flexible and active.

Why See a Chiropractor Who Offers More Than One Option?

There is wisdom in providing multiple forms of treatment. Your lower back pain might be due to spinal misalignment – or it could be muscle tension from poor posture. Both situations may very well call for different treatment plans. 

Seek help from a Manassas chiropractor who can offer you a diverse treatment plan, which will increase your chance of getting out of pain fast.

Do you often experience low back pain? Contact your Manassas chiropractic team at 703-368-4040 to schedule an evaluation.

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